Live Event Painting by Cleveland Event Painter Jacqueline DelBrocco

Live Event

Live Wedding Painting Cleveland Arcade.jpg

Live Event Painting By
Jacqueline DelBrocco

Why Live Event Painting?

If you're planning an event that you want to be truly memorable and special, commissioning a live event event painting is sure to add that extra something you've been looking for!

Your guests get entertainment, and you get a painting!

Guests will be intrigued and entertained by an artist on site painting the celebration they are a part of.  By the end of the night, they'll be pointing out people they recognize, maybe even themselves!

Commissioning a live event painting is really a two-fold service.  Besides providing a unique form of entertainment, you end up with a work of art that captures the energy and memory of your event!

Not the same as a photograph

In our digital world where constantly snapping photos with your phone has become second nature (believe me, I’m guilty of it too!), it’s so easy to be inundated with images and information.  Live event painting is a timeless tradition that allows you to step back and really take it all in... to fully experience what’s happening around you in that moment.  Photography is necessary and wonderful in its own rite, but a painting of your event, created on site DURING the celebration – has a unique way of capturing the essence of what’s going on in a whole different way... and all right before your eyes!